Feast Whole Year

Festivity is celebrated in the form of providing a wide variety of food dishes to be eaten together.Feast or khanduri call of the Acehnese, has become an integral part of the cultural life of the community. Throughout the year there is always a feast.When implementing public festivity do collectively. Because, the essence of the feast is to glue or mempererattali unity among the people. So, not surprisingly, grew up in the spirit of mutual cooperation khanduri culture.Feast-feast that is routinely performed, among others, Mawlid celebration feast, which is held for three months in rotation in all villages and districts, which starts from the month of Rabi al-Awwal Rabiul until the End.In addition there are various other receptions held the people of Aceh. Among other things, khanduri blang (feast go to the field), khanduri ureueng meukawen (the wedding feast), khanduri ureueng mate (festivity people died), khanduri aqiqah (festivity birth of a child).Then, khanduri peutron aneuk (first feast once a child is taken out of the house), khanduri peusunat aneuk (child circumcision feast), khanduri beuru-at, (before the feast of Ramadan / nisfu Sha’ban), and graduated khanduri Qur’an (Koran seal festivity ).The tradition of festivity in Acehnese society is the longest heritage. It is closely related to the pre-Islamic culture of Hinduism. However, in adopting the Hindu culture, the people of Aceh are known strong Islamic culture has been carrying out a feast with Islamic values.This is reinforced by the presence of Aceh Adat Council (MAA) in 23 districts / cities in Aceh as a body guard Acehnese culture and customs in order to continue to be preserved until the times are not lost.